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Hunter K9 Polar Gel Cooling Pet Pad

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Manufacturer: Hunter K9

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Polar Pad Features

  • 3/4" memory foam core
  • Perfect size for small to medium dogs
  • Edges are double bound and sealed for extra durability
  • Material used for mat membrane is waterproof, wipes clean
  • Pressure activated
  • Normally lasts 2 - 4 hours, depends on ambient air temperature
  • Fast recharge your Polar Pad by placing in a refrigerator,a cooler with ice or by spraying with your hose when outside
  • Never freeze!
  • Reversible soft, plush cover includedCover reduces cooling effect by approximately 60% (great for cooler months)

Has your pet ever sought out a cool spot on a stone, ceramic or concrete floor? Many pets find it difficult to cool off in warm weather and enjoy the cool relief that comes from laying down on these types of surfaces.

What if your pet could experience that same cool relief, but from a more cushioned surface? Well now they can, with the advanced comfort found in the POLAR PAD. A Gel-Infused memory foam core with "phase change" technology provides the ultimate in cool relief!

All Polar Pads are packaged with a FREE zippered cover made from a very soft, plush fabric. The cover reduces the cooling efficiency by about 60%, but adds an extra layer of coziness when maximum cooling is not needed.

The secret behind how the Polar Pad works

If you are like many people .... you want to know how something works - the science involved in a product like this. In this tab we attempt to answer that question without giving away the cooling secret ... at least completely!

  • Heavy, cumbersome and expensive water only cooling pet pads are now obsolete.
  • The Polar Pad uses highly efficient "Phase Changing Gel ", rather than water, to absorb heat from your pet. This allows the cooling pad to be much lighter - making it easier for you to manuever your Polar Pad around your home.
  • The heat absorbing ability of the Polar Pad is based on a concept often presented in high school chemistry class called the Endothermic process. This process occurs slowly as the "Gel" absorbs heat from your pets body. As the "Gel" absorbs heat it partially changes phases from a mostly solid form to a more liquid form.
  • Our Gel "recipe" is completely safe and has been extensively tested and formulated to produce optimum cooling efficiency.
  • Endothermic Process! Phase Change! Wow, that sounds complicated! It really is very simple - here is an example to illustrate the concept;

Example: Think of an ice pack on your elbow (or knee) - as the ice pack melts, it absorbs heat from your body which you feel as cool relief. The Gel in the Polar Pad produces a much more subtle cooling effect than an ice pack, but the concept is the same.
Depending on ambient air temperature, it normally takes 2 to 4 hours of continuous use before the Gel will completely change phases. Once this happens you can allow the Polar Pad to recharge on its own, or do a fast recharge by running cool water over the surface, placing in your refrigerator or even dunking it in a ice filled cooler if you are outdoors.

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